GrandElisir Crema mani – Protective disinfectant Silverion 2400 Natural Bio (100 ml)

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    GrandElisir Crema mani – Protective disinfectant Silverion 2400 Natural Bio (100 ml)

    This product has been studied and made specifically to be respectful of the health and integrity of the skin, not aggressive, ensuring a particular emollient and regenerating action, but at the same time with sanitizing properties.

    GrandElisir Hand Cream – Silverion 2400, thanks to its unique ability to maintain the sanitizing effect for hours, can be used in any situation that requires to limit contamination due to continuous direct contact with all objects in common use, eliminating 99.9% of germs.

    Main constituents

    • Silverion 2400is a patented sanitizing formulation based on ionic silver in water-soluble form, effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria, yeasts and mold.
    • Lavender essential oil, vegetable glycerol, aloe vera and thyme: they help to protect and regenerate the surface layer of the epidermis.

    For more info see the data sheet:

    GrandElisir Hand cream – Protective and disinfectant

    GrandElisir – Brand


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    GrandElisir Face cream – Helixia snail secretion filtrate with allantoin, glycolic acid and hyaluronic Natural Bio (50 ml)

    Intensive lifting treatment

    Helixia is an exclusive line that thanks to its high content of biological extract enhanced by snail burr (obtained only by filtration in full respect of the vitality of the shellfish) is ideal in facial rejuvenating treatments to minimize and smooth wrinkles from the inside, with a marked lifting effect anti-aging, regenerating and plumping.

    Main properties:

    • Nourishing action: about 80% of the skin consists of elastin and collagen fibers, substances that should be integrated through the use of cosmetic products that contain them. For this reason, the mucopolysaccharide Helixia, used as an active cream, promises to make the tissues more elastic and tonic resulting in a beneficial effect on wrinkles, which become less visible;
    • Regenerating action: this property is due to the effects of allantoin that stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibers, which allow the repair of tissues and the attenuation of wrinkles. Allantoin allows, in fact, to erase the signs resulting from scars, skin spots and burns, as well as slowing the process of skin aging;
    • Exfoliating action: thanks to the presence of glycolic acid, the mucopolysaccharide Helixia allows a gentle peeling of the surface layer of the skin, proving to be useful to reduce skin spots;
    • Purifying action: the peptides and glycolic acid contained in the mucopolysaccharide Helixia are the main responsible for this effect. In fact, these substances prevent the accumulation of impurities or, if present, manage to remove them. For this reason, the products of the Helixia line are useful in counteracting oily skin and acne impure;
    • Moisturizing action: thanks to the proteins present, the mucopolysaccharide Helixia helps the oxygenation of tissues and hydration, giving the feeling of healthy skin;
    • Antioxidant action: vitamin C and vitamin E reduce inflammation and counteract the action of free radicals.

    For more info see the data sheet:

    GrandElisir Face cream – Helixia

    GrandElisir – Brand


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